Lost Mine Of Phandelver

The Adventure Continues

The adventurers, Bort Bobildiford, LaForte, Maximillion, Thrax-Tar-Tum, and Pooter DiGon, have left Tresendar Manor without capturing the powerful wizard that was in charge of the Redbrands hideout. They successfully defeated the ruffians and return to town to rest and reap the rewards of killing the threat that kept the town afraid. They visited the farm, Townmaster’s Hall, Halia Thornton‘s house and the Miner’s Exchange. While talking with the townspeople, the adventurers were asked to assist in other quests. The Townmaster, Harbin Wester, had asked them to head to Wyvern Tor to eliminate the Orc problem. He tells them to find Wyvern Tor, they must head east on the Triboar Trail. At Halia’s house, the party finds the prisoners they had rescued from Tresendar Manor. They are overwhelmed with gratitude and are told there is a precious heirloom she offers as payment in a town called Thundertree. Thrax-Tar-Tum, Pooter DiGon, Maximillion, LaForte, and Bort Bobildiford feel ready to head out to Thundertree. They plan on returning to Phandalin to keep an eye on things and help the townspeople with whatever they need.

The party begins heading out of Phandalin when they are stopped by Sildar Hallwinter. He has established himself at the Townmaster’s Hall. The adventurers tell him about the letter they had found in the wizards chambers, addressed to Iarno Albrek and signed with the symbol of Black Spider and his secret identity of Glass Staff. Sildar Hallwinter wants Iarno Albrek captured and transported to Neverwinter to face his judgement. The group says their farewells and departs for Thundertree.

Thundertree is an abandoned town with crumbling buildings covered in overgrown plants. There is a large tower with a collapsed roof and the whole place is eerily quiet. There is a wooden sign nailed to a post that reads, “DANGER! Plant monsters AND zombies! Turn back now!” This sign only entices the group as they head into town. They begin exploring ruin building after ruin building. Their first encounter is a small one, literally. Small stick-like creatures called Twig Blights are lurking about, at first not a problem. Once they feel threatened, they begin attacking the party by clawing at ankles and feet. More of a nuisance than a real threat. They are quickly taken out and Maximillion captures one to try to get some information out of it. The Twig Blight doesn’t seem to value his life so it refuses to cooperate and as a result, gets squished. The group next encounter three dead bodies in a building that begin to rise. These must be the zombies the signed warned about. The battle begins and after receiving some damage to the chest, the zombie emits a curious puff of smoke towards Thrax-Tar-Tum. The group is successful in destroying them and moves on to more exploring. They come to the camp of Reidoth, a human druid who explains the threats of Thundertree. Giant spiders, folks in black masks and cloaks, dangerous plants and zombies and even a giant green dragon who sits atop a wealth of treasure. He tells the group the dragon sits in the tall tower on the north side of town and the black masks are in the south east corner. The eager adventurers head toward the dragon, to test their courage and strength.

The tower is tall and attached to a small cottage. There is an acrid smell in the air but no sign of the dragon. The party heads into the cottage and see a spiral staircase leading up to the top of the tower. At the top, the dragon sits. Knowing dragons are intelligent but deadly, the party tries to communicate with the dragon, to urge it to leave or face the consequences. The dragon is unafraid of empty threats and the battle ensues. The dragon flies from the top of the tower and hovers nearby. Thrax-Tar-Tum, Maximillion, LaForte, and Bort Bobildiford head back out the front door of the cottage to attack the dragon from the ground. Pooter DiGon makes her way up the stairs to the top of the tower to try a different approach at slaying the dragon. The dragon swoops down and claws and scratches at Bort Bobildiford leaving him badly injured. The group gets some attcks on the dragon but this is, by far, their toughest fight yet. The dragon sees Pooter DiGon standing alone on the top of the tower and attacks. The dragon blasted poison breath at her leaving her badly injured and alone. The fellow adventurers saw the damage the beast could do and were happy to see it fly off before destroying anyone else. The group raided the dragon’s treasure and carried an injured Pooter DiGon back to Reidoth’s camp to hopefully revive her. Everyone is exhausted and ready to rest up for the next day of adventuring.

To be continued . . .



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